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Set Your Goals: 3 Tips To Propel You Into Action With A Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystals, like any crystal, has the ability to absorb, store and transmute energy. What makes this crystal ideal to work with is the powerful energy it carries. It also has the unique ability to amplify your energy intentions, or goals.

Success Strategies

Tip #1: Visualize your goals with a quartz crystal

Take time each morning to sit with your quartz crystal in your hand. Allow your eyes to close and begin to breathe in the energy of your crystal. When you feel like you have connected with your crystal, begin to visualize your goals. What do they look like? How does it feel? See your goals as being accomplished. It might also be very useful to work with one goal at a time. When you are done, show gratitude by thanking your crystal.

Tip #2: Carry your clear quartz crystal with you

Place your crystal in your environment. Maybe sit it on your desk or in a space that you frequent a lot. It turns into a visual reminder of your goals. Carry it in your pocket is also very beneficial. By having it with you, you are able to stay connected to its high energy vibration. As you add all of this together, you are beginning to create a beautiful working relationship with your crystal.

Tip #3: Be open to receiving

Your crystal is not going to make your goals happen for you. Your crystal is a tool to assist you into tapping into a new energy that will help propel you forward.

What it will do, is help clear and cleanse the energy you are carrying around your goal. It will also help you to raise your energy vibration. This is important so that you can begin to see clearly, the direction you need to move towards. You will also gain insight and find yourself opening up to opportunities and connections that you may have not noticed before. Always be ready to receive!

Article by Stacy Stehle Photo Credit: Pinterest

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