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Achieve Glowing Skin By Eating These Vegetables

For the past few weeks I have been consuming a massive amount of vegetables both raw and cooked. Raw vegetables are by far the best for achieving glowing skin because they contain the most amount of nutrients. Last weekend I did saute some in a tablespoon of butter, soy sauce and sprinkle of lemon juice and was simply amazing but of course after cooking 2 portions of vegetables on 2 different days I went back to the raw vegetables and have seen the most amazing results from on my skin.

Smart food and beverage choices contribute to the goal of glowing skin. My glow up comes from within. It comes from choosing raw vegetables and water over tempura vegetables and clear soda. The benefits of vegetables are endless. Spinach is packed with iron like broccoli however broccoli is also good for building collagen and protecting you from free radicals. Carrots, a superfood contains vitamin c like orange juice and can be used to consume and made to be a topical treatment. My all time favorite are sweet peppers. They are packed with antioxidants, potassium like bananas, contains capsaicin which happens to protects the skin from UVB aka aging rays. TEAM NO WRINKLES!! Other vegetables that are known to pack mighty punches for the skin happen to be onions. They are great for flavoring, contain fiber, contributes to digestion and you can also strain the juice and use it directly on acne prone skin to treat and prevent. Besides vegetables grow from the ground and what do we use to help them grow? Water. I love water.

Our body is made of primarily water. We use water to flush out toxins, keep us hydrated and keep the skin as healthy and as beautiful as possible. Have you ever seen the skin of someone who drinks not just the recommended amount of water per day but drinks water with each meal? Their skin looks amazing. Now combine that with vegetables that they incorporate into their diet. Like their skin isn't aging at all. Not to toot my own horn but BEEP BEEP! I do not look my age. One other thing. Fast Food! Hmmm...

Fast Food
Remember the saying, "You are what you eat"? It's true. From past experience I know that food choices plays a tremendous role in skincare. I love a bad snack here and there but in moderation. If you are one to constantly consume deep fried proteins and carbohydrates such as chicken, fish or potato aka french fries, oh and let's not forget about pizza, mozzarella sticks and then you justify it by saying that the ingredients come from one of the food groups then honey, your body is upset with you. You body will start to reject all of the oil, trans fat, preservatives and chemicals. It'll push the bad stuff out of your skin and then BAM! BODY AND FACE ACNE! That is not pretty site and it doesn't feel good either. Granted we all love a quick meal but it is most definitely worth the wait to prepare your meals at home or if you do not know how to cook go to a restaurant that prides itself on their healthier food selections.

Granted we can all seek assistance of our glow up with makeup, moisturizers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion but it is the conscious food choices that will contribute to the natural glow up but it's the vegetables that help to achieve glowing skin.

How Do You Achieve Glowing Skin?

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