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katelavie.com · Sep 19, 2015

5 Things: Cleaning Up & Organising Your Computer.

I recently got to the point where I couldn’t even use my (three year old!) iMac, it was running too slow for what I needed it for, and it was beyond frustrating. With that in mind, I went on an organising spree and life has been a whole lot better for it…

A Big Old Clean Up
It’s a good idea to clean out your computer first – if you’re anything like me, you’ll find loads of old film footage from years ago that’s taking up a lot of space. If you film for YouTube or whatever, your computer is likely to be running low on space unless you’re good at getting rid of past videos.
I recommend going through your folders and deleting any old photos, documents and videos – I did this recently and cleared up 400gb of space! I usually search for .mov files so I can delete them all that way (making sure there’s none I need first! It’s a good idea to backup your hard drive before a deleting spree), but you may have a better way of doing it.

I also recommend removing any old music (that’s why Spotify is a winner!), clearing your browser cache and regularly emptying the contents of your Downloads folder and the trash.

If you use iPhoto (or Photos as it’s now known), create a Smart Album with only videos by going to File > New Smart Album and changing the settings to ‘Photo’ is ‘Video’ – that way you can see all your videos in one place. Deleting spree may commence.
I also recommend running a good cleaner to delete unnecessary files. I use the Ccleaner free version and it always helps to free up some space. Go through your Applications and remove any programs that you don’t use, too.

Keeping your computer up to date is important, it’ll help everything run better and your software will be freshly updated. It’s easy enough to do this on a Mac (and surely Windows too!), and you get rid of that annoying notification in the top right corner *big exhale*.

Save Space
I try and not let my computer get full, but with so many videos and photos being imported, it’s almost impossible to have any free space. One thing I recommend is taking advantage of Dropbox – you can upload important bits and pieces on to here to save space on your hard drive. There’s ways you can get more free space too, so it’s well worth it. I keep some old photos on there, so I don’t accidentally delete them in one of my cleaning frenzies.
I also have an external hard drive, for old blog photos and other bits and pieces. I never really know what to do with my older blog photos, sometimes I want to keep the unedited version, so on to the external HD they go. Again, great for keeping old files and photos you don’t need on an everyday basis, but don’t want to get rid of.

I love organising my files and folders, there’s something so satisfying about everything having its own place. I try not to keep anything but folders on my desktop, rather than a tonne of photos, memes and screenshots. I open up a Finder window and go to town – blog photos are organised by category, I have a business folder for tax and boring stuff, a folder full of logos and other images, a folder for my interior photos, a personal folder… another for insurance. It’s exciting stuff.
Organising your files and folders means you can see what you have and see what you need. It also means you’re not going in to your email and downloading that PDF for the 76th time, taking up even more space!

Keep It Organised
It’s easy to slip back in to your old, unorganised ways, but I promise you your life will be a whole lot more fulfilling (or at least, less frustrating) if your computer is organised. Spend the last ten minutes of your workday emptying your computer’s trash, organising your desktop and deleting any unnecessary files. A faster computer is on the horizon!

Do you have any tips for a tidy, fast-running computer?

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