Kerri Bradford Studio · Oct 20, 2013

jingle all the way

I know. My family should probably kill me. It’s not even November, much less December. But goodness gracious, if you want to stay ahead of the game, ya just gotta start early!

So here’s a jingly Christmas decor item to deck your halls…or a friend’s halls…or whatever the case may be.

This is suuuuper easy to make!

Here’s a list of the ingredients.
You just need five things: frame, paper, bells, vinyl and phrase.

First you need this kit,
which has that lovely little cut file in it. :)

It’s funny how things work out. I had this whole other idea in mind for how I wanted to arrange that phrase, but it just wasn’t clicking. So rather than stewing and fighting it, trying to make it work and hitting my head against the wall, I decided to try a different font and voila. It was just what I wanted and I didn’t even know it.

Cut this in vinyl (mine was 5.875″ high) and apply it to the glass frame mentioned below. I used fuzzy (flocked) vinyl, but then when I went to find it in the Silhouette store, it wasn’t there anymore. Ack! I love that stuff! Actually, the red flag on that vinyl went up when I went to cut it and the settings weren’t there. So, if you have some and want to use it, I put my settings on Speed/8, Thickness/14, Blade/3 and No Cutting Mat.

And if you don’t have a cutting machine?
Just print the saying onto a transparency and voila!

The frame is from Hobby Lobby
and looks like this.

I think this is the right one online. It’s what it looks like in real life and the price is 13.99, on sale for 6.99. It’s 8.25″ w x 10.25″ h x 1.2″ d. The glass comes all the way to the front while the back sits behind a bit (there’s excess cardboard in it when you buy it), allowing the 1″ bells to sit in there nicely. Even staying in place for the most part as long as you don’t jiggle it around.

And then you need your Jingle Bells.

I expect they’ll only be there before the holidays. I also got these at Hobby Lobby, but I can’t find them online anywhere. They are 3/4″ bells (20mm). You’ll need silver and red if you wanna make it like mine. They are on sale for around $4, so it was a pretty good deal.

You only need maybe half…just over half? Sprinkle them into the bottom of the frame once you have the vinyl phrase on and you can see just how many you’ll need. I liked making my go up the sides a little, surrounding the bottom of the word ‘way’. Once you put the back of the frame on, they can stay in place pretty well.

And then you need one sheet of this lovely paper
that I adore from Teresa Collins.

Trim it to 7×9, using the optimal glittery snowflake usage. (Don’t do it like mine because mine are scraps in this photo. I needed more paper. :) )

Adhere it to the back of the frame, but be sure to scooch it down just a smidge so the back can go back into the slot. It doesn’t like it with the paper in there and you won’t even see that adjustment on the other side anyway.

So easy and so cute. Great gift too! I’ve gotten a few requests from family members already.;)

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