Kid Literature Blog · Nov 24, 2014

The wonderful journey of inspiration

The best part of the whole book making process, for me, is that moment when the idea comes—that SPARK happens—and there’s ignition! You are off!

It’s mystical, it's mysterious, it’s magical, its fun!
It's inspirational, it's creative, it is wonderful and free!
Yes that is how you feel when the pen or the brush takes you on a wonderful flowing journey and creates amazing things in front of you.

But how do we get to that point where this happens?
Sometimes it’s just one of those things that can’t be forced.You can guarantee that when you summon inspirational thoughts and ideas, they will just not come shooting through one after the other..

So how do you get primed for the muses to start entering the brain and coming out through your bic pen? If only I knew. I would be sure to tell you.
If only it was every time we summon them, but alas it is not. A sure fire way to bring much of my inspiration is to go shopping, procrastinate, and to think of other things. Let the brain relax and do something else it enjoys doing. Something different, a change of scenery. Even just doodling and reading. There is nothing like reading a book to bring out idea's, and also sometimes the words- 'Oh I was thinking of writing something like this, and someone has beat me to it'.
The beauty of it is, you don’t have to be an artist or illustrator or professional in anything to write. Anyone can be creative and have inspirational thoughts that can be transferred into words that make sense.

Everyone works in their own way, at their own pace. Procrastination I feel leads to creativity, and doodling can help us think. So can window shopping and browsing, as when you are relaxed or looking at craft stalls or books you enjoy (add anything into here that you like shopping for). Combine the two and you set yourself up for some creative inspiration. Then when you get a chance as soon as possible, write them down, so you can understand them the next time you look at your notes. Do not think, oh I will remember that when I get home, I never do, especially if I have more than one idea. Try not to write in code, or shorthand squiggle, you will have such a time deciphering the doodles. So make sure you understand what you write.

Do something you think is frivolous. Waste some time watching a funny video, go for a walk, get relaxed. Then start doodling. Maybe listen to some favorite music while you do it. The trick is not to have any expectations about what you doodle or write. Trust me, it will free you up to get those ideas flowing. Then that leads onto more ideas.

Who knows, maybe one of them will lead you, like the White Rabbit did Alice, down the rabbit hole to a wonderland of inspiration and make believe!
Go procrastinate!

I also find once I have started writing or drawing more ideas come along, so actually during work you can find more ideas build up on top of each other, and sometimes more than you know what to do with. Yes this can happen when you find yourself on a roll. On a roll like that rolling ball, the more you 'roll' the more 'ideas' you pick up. The same I found when I lost interest, and had patches where I just didn't feel like it. The more you don't do something the more likely you will leave it to one side and find it harder to go back to.
I have been like that lately since being poorly. Goodness how hard it was to come back to work, as if my brain had switched off and was objecting to turning back on.
So again you go back to doing activities you enjoy, or relax until the inclination filters through. Even if it takes its time. You might think you are making excuses to avoid writing, and maybe you are, I was, but this is ok, you need time to do other things, it is ok to take time off, and who says it has to be just the weekend. I've decided to tell you that it’s okay not to feel inspired.It is ok to take time out.

For some people inspiration is not what hits them at appropriate times but just actually sitting down and getting on with it. Even at the dreaded times when you least feel like it.You had set yourself a time slot and you will use it for what you said you would use it for! You said you would and so you must! You cannot waste this allocated slot you set and wrote down. It is written, so it must be done! (Easier said than done). Unless you change your 'appointment' with yourself, which is allowed of course.
So unless you are in a routine and can write at the given notice, you may find it hard to write at will, and just because you gave yourself the slot of time to do it in. Oh how easy this would be it it happened this way every time.
And even though writing is just as much hard work as inspiration, you cannot just summon it like the genie in the lamp, unless of course you are the genie or a genius.
Oh but I do love it when inspiration comes, and at those times when you least expect it, say for instance when you are washing the dishes, or stuck in traffic, or in the dentist waiting room. And if that type of inspiration comes in fits and starts, and flits away as quickly as it come, make sure you always have a pen and notepad or notebook on your phone handy at all times! Unless you are actually sitting in the dentist chair that is. Sods law that would happen after waiting so long in the waiting room with a big blank thought.
Inspiration conjures up wonderful thoughts in itself, like magic and intelligence. Like motivation and magical creativity. But when it comes down to it, do not get anxious if you get held up by that blank wall of thought a lot in patches in-between.
Just go and do something less boring instead.
Go read a book.
Go out for a walk
Or go shopping!

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