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leahandjoe.com · Feb 13, 2021

Addition Bathroom | Progress

This beauty of a bathroom is getting its final touches now. After tiling, we installed the bath tub, vanity, sink, toilet and got the wallpaper and trim up. If you like seeing the progress right before the “after”, this post is for you.

Bath Tub

Tiling the bathroom walls went pretty smoothly! As soon as that was all sealed, we were free to install the fixtures.

Here’s where the tub goes

Easier said than done!

We picked out this fiberglass/acrylic tub quite awhile back, and turned out to be a lot of work.

There’s an outside shell and an insert that sits inside. The plumbing all hides in between the two layers.

We had to put a bead of silicone around the bottom of the outer shell, and then the inner layer had nothing but a couple bolts to sit on the tile.

While the outer shell was fine, the inner piece would NOT sit level. We had already put the faucet on, so it was a nightmare having to pull them apart to adjust and readjust the feet.

We poured over installation guides and manuals, and we were following all the directions.

Eventually we got frustrated enough with shimming and jostling that we welded some better feet that we could more easily adjust.

That seemed to do the trick! Eventually we got all four corners to stop wobbling.

Like I said, adding the tub faucet was a piece of cake, we just drilled holes into the shell, so that’s one good thing about this fiberglass style.

We ordered this waterfall faucet with a sprayer hose. There needed to be four holes, so it was great to be able to mount them wherever we wanted.

Two thumbs up on this setup

Joe testing it out

The verdict? Definitely would have preferred a porcelain claw foot tub or Japanese soaking tub, and this instal was such a chore. BUT, we’re happy with the end result, both for looks and comfort. I came home from work the next day to find a lit candle and functional bath tub waiting for me, so that made all the struggle feel worth it.


Ask me what I’m most excited about and I’m not shy to tell you it’s finally having a toilet!

We’ve had to run downstairs to use the bathroom for the last year, and it’s a lot of stairs. So excited to break the seal on this plumbing 😉



Wax ring

Ok, enough of that

Vanity & Sink

This was our dry run – we decided on this smaller vanity than initially planned. 23″

Time to get it in! We are really happy wth how easy this was to put together makes up for the tub!), the size, price point and look – not quite midcentury, but has a swanky/funky vibe.

This is embarrassing, but I have had this sink faucet for ages, thinking it would work for the bath tub. It is for a sink… Used it!

Under the sink. Flex pipe got denied by our inspector on final plumbing. More on that later…

Joe just wanted to economize to fit my shelf in.

This all happened within a weekend and we pulled some


Before we could put in the sink and toilet, we had to have the wallpaper up. What I am about to show you is my absolute favorite part of the bathroom!

Surprise! I guess the secret is out now.

I actually hired someone to hang the wallpaper for us – it was someone local and she is very experienced and reasonably priced. I really did not want my first attempt to destroy good wallpaper. It is definitely an art form!

Loving it! My philosophy is design for what you love and you will never get tired of it.

  • I had a few different favorites, but after ordering samples the color I liked best was called “Linen” – by Rifle Paper. I also liked the Emerald and Black.

    Oh yeah, and we got the in-floor heating thermostat on the wall. 🙂

  • Ceramic

    Next on the agenda was deciding between wood and ceramic trim along the top of the tile wainscoting.

    We decided on the ceramic. It got to be too much wood after the trim was added.

    And we got our outlet situation figured out – extenders for the win.


    Finally, I stained the trim – we stuck to knotty alder like the door.

    Matte water-based clear coat

    What I do



    Next is final reveal!

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