Lene Alexandra entered the “Surviver” (TV3) in 2004 and that`s when she entered the public scene. After that she got herself a name and became a model for several magazines like FHM, Slitz, Nuts,Curves,Nuts,People, Moore magazine etc in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, USA, England you name it. She frequently appeared in the tabloids and became a popular personality. LA has done several films, musicvideos, TV shows and she has entered the Eurovision songcontest two times. In 2006 she released the hit “My boobs are okay” and entered the charts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland and Germany . She also got an award for most downloaded musivideo in Sweden where she won over Beyonce and Shakira with Beautiful Liar. In 2008 she won the popular TV show “Dancing with the stars” in Norway. She just filmed “Fort Boyard”(TV3), “71 grader nord”(TVN) and she did a role in the soap “Hotel Ceasar”(TV2) that will appear on the screen in 2011. LA is now writing songs for her new album that hopefully will be released in the end of 2011…

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