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Can my dog eat that? This infographic answers once and for all!

I was contacted by a fellow pup blogger, ChewieSays, about our home cooking and healthy recipes for both people and pups alike. I'm always on the lookout for new meals I can prepare for Holly, but knowing that pooches digest food differently than people, I'm always hesitant to add new ingredients. Luckily, ChewieSays has this handy infographic to help take some of the mystery about what dogs can and can't eat. I loved it so much I asked the good folks about ChewieSays to share some of their insights with all of you! Read on to hear directly from the ChewieSays authors themselves, and to see the handy and helpful infographic for yourself!

Has your dog ever gotten into something she shouldn’t have? It’s scary!
I’d wager most dog owners know the gut wrenching feeling of seeing a chocolate-covered puppy face and a bunch of empty wrappers. Because let’s face it, our dogs are pretty much like our kids. That’s why we call them “fur babies” (I do, at least). And we want them to be happy, healthy pups for as long as possible.
But we also like to spoil them. There’s nothing more fun than making your dog’s month giving her a bite of a cheeseburger. So there’s a sort of tightrope we’re all walking: we want to give our dogs the occasional treat, but we also want them to be healthy.
The tricky part is that humans eat an incredible variety of food, and it can be really hard to know what’s okay for your dog to eat and what’s not. To save you from memorizing every food on planet earth, here’s a nice, compact chart that shows you how safe some of the most common people foods are for dogs.
If you’d like to see any explanations for any of the foods, you can check it out in the original article, “Can Dogs Eat Bananas?” on ChewieSays. Anyway, enjoy!

Until Next Time, Darlings!
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