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me and my girl.

this sweet baby girl of mine started kindergarten this week and i can’t even believe it. i swear i blinked and my first baby, the one who was born a little after 1 in the morning on a freezing day in february, the one with the prettiest strip of freckles across her nose and cheeks which keeps expanding during these summer months, the one who first made me a mother and changed my world entirely for the better, who unknowingly pushes and challenges and encourages me because she is my daughter, and i want everything for her. this one, this first baby of mine, is growing up.

i’ve been trying to get in as many mommy-daughter dates as i can the past couple of months in anticipation of the new school year and not having her by my side during the days. i love our time together and i have seriously cherished these past couple of years getting to spend so much time with her. she is going to rock kindergarten’s socks off. i hope it’s ready. ;)

during one of our morning dates a few saturday’s ago, josh took these photos of us (pretty much paparazzi style, haha! he’s so funny sometimes, but he didn’t want to interrupt our date so he pretty much kept his distance although we loved spotting him and hanging out a couple times altogether). we took the train to the new york public library in midtown to pick out some new books to read in anticipation of school starting up and to also grab a breakfast of waffles and dinges (one of her favorites) while at bryant park. everything eleanor and i are wearing in this post is from levi’s, which is a brand we have loved for a long time in our home and are excited to be partnering with. my kiddos are very particular these days about wanting their clothing to be comfortable (me too!), so the levi’s kids jeans couldn’t be more perfect for them because they are stretchy denim, which also really helps with the kids being so active. also, they come in the color purple, which if you know eleanor, you know is one of her favorite colors. “blue, then purple, then gold.” those are her favorite colors, in that order, if you were to ever ask her favorite color. :)

a few photos from our morning:

popping in and out of the green pillars sometimes spotting our papa. haha! taking the subway when i don’t have a stroller with me just might be my favorite thing ever. i appreciate is all the more when i don’t have to wait for the elevator at the 1/2/3 train at times square. anyone who has taken that elevator before, you feel me?!?! (for those who haven’t, it’s probably the worst elevator in the new york subway system. although it IS better than a staircase, so i shouldn’t be complaining.)

if you’ve followed this blog of mine since the beginning, you’ll know i’ve come a long way in regards to wearing jeans. i used to hate them, because i find a lot of denim to be super restricting. i am so so so picky and choosey when it comes to my denim (maybe it’s the old dancer in me who longs to have mobility and not feel claustrophobic in my jeans), but i prefer to wear something that has some stretch to it. this is my second pair of levi’s 711 skinny’s that i have owned, they are made from the good stuff.

when papa snuck around the the back window of the waffle and dinges shop and snuck this photo! it was impossible for us to hold straight faces.

all healthy eating was put on hold for our special morning date. give us davis girls all the nutella!

this cute face! i just love her so much.

eleanor was pretending to be a lion like the statue. haha! she held this pose for so long. i don’t know what it is about statues, but my kids love pretending to be them.

here she is again pretending to be the lion. but this time she is alive! “roooaaaaar!”

the new york public library at bryant park is the dreamiest. if you ever get a chance to go, do it! josh’s old office is around the corner so i’d go hang out there in the rose main reading room sometimes before meeting up with him to read or work. it’s such a beautiful space.

when she always gravitates to the young readers section and tries her hardest to sound out the words and read. she’s doing so well! i love that she goes for the books recommended for a few years older than she is. she makes me proud.

kindergarten, here we come! get ready!

thank you to levi’s for sponsoring this blog post. you can see all the great back to school looks from levi’s kids right here.

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