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my all seasons capsule wardrobe / spring 2015

Waaaaaay back, I shared with you some things that weren’t working about a seasonal capsule wardrobe for me, a few specific goals I had in mind for 2015 AND introduced the idea of creating an all seasons capsule wardrobe — as I’m calling it. I’ve taken the past couple of months to round out what I really think this whole “year round capsule wardrobe thing” would look like. I mulled it over. And then mulled it over some more. And then I had a baby and well, priorities. ;) But! I’m happy to report that I’ve pulled it off!

So. Without further ado, take a gander at my first ever all seasons capsule wardrobe!

I’m so psyched!!!

People still say that, right?

Ah. Where do I even begin?

I guess it would be good to start off by mentioning a few things, you know to provide some context:

1. I started this whole process by drafting my master list (that I wrote about in this blog post). My final cuts have been altered here and there, but surprisingly it looks really similar to that original draft.

2. My revised master list totaled out at 74 items. Just one shy of my originally estimated 75. In the end 74 was enough.

3. Also, I don’t currently own all of the items pictured above. Right now, my closet rests at 53 pieces. I will work on completing my capsule over the next several months or even year (or two). I have indicated below which pieces I currently have and which pieces I’m still aspiring to attain. Surprisingly so, 53 pieces feels like plenty! Although I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune come fall and winter when I’m longing for more layers ;)

4. In the case of some old thrifted items, some of the images used above are representations of what I actually own. After crafting a wardrobe like this I’ve learned that in most cases it doesn’t matter if it is that EXACT pair of black sandals. Sure we all have our preferences — but for the purposes of putting together a cohesive wardrobe? It’s beneficial to learn be mindful of the fact that many different styles, etc. can fill the void of “black sandal”. Yes?

Oh, and a few reminders. I don’t include: underwear, socks, pajamas, workout/lounge clothes or accessories in my capsules (seasonal or year round). Or for that matter what I call my “farm” clothes. (I’ve actually sort of got a separate “capsule” for those that I’m thinking about sharing at a later date.) And of course I have jeans I paint in and semi formal attire sitting in my closet as well that’s not accounted for here — but rest assured it’s only a few pieces.

Whew. That was a lot of words…

Now for the goodies!

Below I’ve provided links to where you can find each piece. In the case of old thrifted pieces, I’ve linked to similar items as much as possible. Items marked with an asterisk are items already in my closet . All other pieces are representative of the cohesive capsule I have in mind. In the case of these items, I’ve linked to pieces I’m currently lusting after. ;)

white tee* / white button-down* thrifted, similar here / white graphic tee* thrifted, similar here or here / baseball tee

white jeans* old, similar here / over-sized sweater* also similar here / maxi skirt* old, similar here or here / long sleeve striped tee* old, similar here
short sleeve striped tee* thrifted, similar here / long sleeve graphic tee* refashion, tutorial here / v neck tee* / purl knit cardigan*

solid t-shirt dress* / grey blazer* thrifted, similar here / marled turtleneck / grey graphic tee*
drape cardigan* / long sleeve thermal / cocoon cardigan* old, similar here / striped t-shirt dress*

cable knit sweater* refashion, similar here and here / button-down cardigan* old, similar here / tasseled tribal cardigan* old, same here / belted trench
kimono* also in love with this one / olive skinnies* thrifted, similar here / parka* old, similar here / quilted drawstring jacket*
blush blouse / flannel* old similar here and here / oxblood skinnies / tribal cardigan*
boyfriend jeans* refashion, similar here / chambray* thrifted, same here / light wash skinnies / jean jacket*
gingham button-down* thrifted, same here / jean cutoffs* refashion, similar here / navy blazer* thrifted, similar here / dark wash skinnies*
navy tee / vegan moto jacket / black jean skinnies* / black bazer* thrifted, similar here and here
trousers* old, similar here / black tee* old, similar here / pencil skirt / shift dress* old similar here
maxi dress / drape sweater / leather leggings / flowy skirt
black leggings* old, similar here / black blouse

printed slip ons* / red slip ons* / black slip ons* / black sandals*
suede booties* / quilted booties / nude sandals* / riding boot*
crochet slip ons* / white converse / d’orsay flats* / black sneakers*
suede booties / nude booties* / lace up booties* / strappy heels*
pointed heels* / leather booties*
strappy booties / caged heels

So what’s my plan moving forward?

1. To create seasonal updates.

One of the “rules” I eliminated about a seasonal capsule wardrobe when beginning this task was the rule about only shopping for clothes seasonally — as in 4 times a year. Although I like the premise behind this rule, for me it wasn’t practical at all because I really like to try and buy stuff secondhand. Instead, I’m more or less sticking to the mindset that if something new comes into my closet, then something else must go. Pretty fluid, I know. But for me the evolution from seasonal to yearly capsule wardrobe is more about the desire of and commitment to a certain lifestyle — as opposed to an experiment that needs concrete rules for comparison.

2. To slowly continue to build my capsule wardrobe until it is complete — while remaining inside my yearly budget.

I’ve managed to spend a healthy portion already of my yearly budget. So I really only plan to add a piece or two more to my wardrobe for the remainder of the year (which makes me oddly happy and proud I might add…) and perhaps ask for a few things for my birthday in the fall.

I’ve also kept to my goal of adding as many second hand items as possible — so far it’s a 50/50 split. I’ve got game when it comes to thrift-ing, but obviously I stand to improve some ;)

3. To increase the number of outfit posts you see around here because, #ohmygoshilovemycloset

Haha! But no, really. Since having embarked on this journey/conducted this experiment I’ve been able to totally own my style and I feel at home in everything I wear. And, at the risk of sounding like a total dork, that’s a pretty rad feeling and sense of accomplishment.

New here? What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobes?

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