Masha Sedgwick

Weekly Update #39


‘A brief pit stop before the ride continues.’

That’s how I’d sum up this week.
The last weeks were rather turbulent, and it all took a bit of a tool on my health, but this week I had the chance to recuperate a little, to charge the batteries. I’ll need it!

Next Week:

…I’ll need all that energy! I’m going to travel – a lot!
First I’m off to Stockholm, then to Paris, then back home very briefly to repack, and then I’m traveling to Iceland! I am looking forward to that so much, Iceland’s been on my list for ages. And the icing on the cake is that the girls from Likeariot will be there. Lina, who will come with me by the way, always posts these incredible pics from Iceland when she’s there, so I really built up this huge longing to see the place with my own eyes. The timing should be pretty good, right now the season for northern lights is just about to start. Please cross your fingers for me that my childhood dream to see them will come true!

in this picture:
cardigan: Vintage
jeans: Closed
shoes: &otherstories
shirt: Karl Lagerfeld
bag: MCM

Highlight of the week:

My mum’s not very happy about it, but I have a new tattoo!


That’s the date of my first blog post here. I felt it’s a great and meaningful idea for a new tattoo ♥

New in:

x 120 lipstick (not kidding!) by Smashbox
x a wonderful jacket by Sézane
x a Statement Bag by Pinko
x a huge wall calendar

Another good read::

Bloggen: 2010 vs. 2016.
I’m a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t manage to submit my own text in time, but I have to say Sarah brought up a great point. I love every single statement. Give it a read (if you know German…)!

Favorite song:

Tom Odell – True Colors

I find it a little sad that the editors of the American Vogue deem it necessary to bicker against bloggers and influencers so much (yes, there’s still a difference between bloggers and influencers ^^). It’s a real shame, given that the gulf between our professions clearly narrowed over the past couple of years. On the one hand I understand the negative emotions to some extent, the whole industry is changing so much, and more often than not print outlets are drawing the short end of the stick. I’d be really curious to hear what other editors think about the development, I usually only hear the thoughts of other bloggers. The text by Blogger Bazaar and Jessie is highly recommended reads in that respect as well.

Favorite video:

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