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Acorn Crafts for the Best Fall Ever

Do you love acorn decorations and crafts? Check out this collection of great autumn ideas! Usher in fall with some simple handmade projects.

Skills Required: None. Working with acorns is relatively easy. You’re not going to have any problems with these ideas, even if you’ve never crafted before.

If there’s one thing I love about fall (besides the pumpkins and candy), it’s all the natural materials for crafting. There’s something special about using what the good lord gave ya, but also – acorns are free. I’m a sucker for free craft ideas, and I know a lot of you are.

It’s not just the colors of fall that I love, but the textures. Between leaves, pinecones, and acorns . . . you’ve got a lot of materials that can add interest to your craft projects. I found some HUGE acorns recently so I’m excited to share some acorn crafts with you.

I haven’t tried all of these, but I got such a quantity that I can make all of them if I want to. And I do! The first step when you get your acorns though . . . learning from experience . . . dry them.

Acorn Craft Ideas

I picked a bunch of acorn crafts to use with acorns that you find and gather. These projects either use the bases, the caps, or both. Most of them are home decor projects, which are perfect for fall decorating or Thanksgiving tablescapes.

You might now be wondering what kind of acorns to use. Do they have to be real?

Real or Fake Acorns?

Should you use real or fake acorns? That’s up to you. Don’t forget that some people don’t have acorns available in their area, OR the squirrels steal them all before the collectin’ can begin. If that’s the case, you can get faux acorns or wooden acorns online.

REMEMBER: If you do use real acorns, you have to dry them so that the besties don’t come out. It happened to me and it’s gross. Don’t make the same mistakes.

Best Paint to Use

Any acrylic multi-surface or outdoor paint that you can purchase at the craft store will work. I like to use FolkArt acrylic or Martha Stewart multi-surface paint because they are very pigmented. That means the less coats I have to give my acorns.

I usually paint one side of the acorn, let dry, and then do the other side. If I want to Mod Podge glitter on my nuts (haha!), I’ll paint them with a coordinating color of paint first.

Spray paint is something you might also want to use, but I only recommend that if you want to paint your acorns one color – since spray paint is costly per can. That’s why I typically default to acrylic paint. It takes longer, but then I can use a wide variety of colors.

Are you ready to get the acorn crafts? Keep scrolling down!

Acorn Crafts

When fall rolls around I'm ready to nestle inside and get crafty! Get some great ideas for acorn crafts and decorations here - you're going to love this list of smart ideas that are easy to achieve.


Glitter Acorn Decor

Make your fall sparkle with this DIY acorn decor! These glitter acorns are easy enough for a kid to make, and are so pretty in an autumn display.

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Forage a Wreath for Fall

Photo Credit: Melissa Caughey

inspired by a walk in the woods, foraged acorns and pine cones come together to make this beautiful wreath. It only took five items to make this simple fall wreath. Take a peek and see how you can make your own.

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Easy Acorn Vase

Photo Credit: Kelly Elko

Next time you're an an autumn stroll, fill your pockets - then when you get home, grab your glue gun and make the coolest fall decor piece ever! So budget friendly and simple to make.

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Autumn Acorn Napkin Rings

Photo Credit:

These autumn acorn napkin rings are the perfect accent for a colorful fall or Thanksgiving dinner table! You're going to love how easy these are to make.

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Fairy Garden Mushrooms

Photo Credit: Laura Kuhlmann

You can make your own miniature fairy garden mushrooms using acorn caps and twigs from your yard! These are so cute you won't be able to stop making them.

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Glittered Acorn Specimen Art

Photo Credit:

These glittery acorns are SO much fun to make, and it’s easy to turn them into unique specimen artwork to compliment your fall decor!

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Acorn Photo Frame

Photo Credit:

Use a combination of acorn caps and bases to make one of the coolest acorn crafts around - a frame! You can put a photo inside, or a fall collage. Perfect for mantel decor.

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Fall Wreath with Acorns

Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady

Grab several bags of acorn decor from the dollar store, then add them to a form to make this unique autumn wreath! Add any kind of embellishments you like to compliment your decor.

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Whimsical Acorn Bells

Photo Credit:

Acorn bells are a sweet addition to gardens, fairy houses, or fall decor. How delightful to have a full bowl on display as the leaves change from green to gold!

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Acorn Bird's Nest Necklace

Photo Credit:

Use acorn caps to make the cutest bird's nest necklace you've ever seen. Whether you love spring or fall, you can wear this all year 'round.

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Felt Acorn Table Display

Photo Credit: Kim Layton

You can easily make a batch of felt acorns to decorate your table, make napkin rings, top off a gift or add them to a fall wreath. There are a million things you can do with these little cuties!

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Earthy Wooden Plaque

Photo Credit:

With a purchased wood slice as the background, this autumn scene can be created in minutes. Hot glue six twigs in place as shown, and finish the floral-inspired design with acorn parts and mini pinecones.

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Strawberry Acorn Magnets

Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro

Grab some acorns, paint, and round magnets to create these adorable strawberry acorn magnets to display on your fridge or in a jar.

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Acorn and Pinecone Apothecaries

Photo Credit: Honey Mommy

Take the caps off some acorns, paint them, and then hot glue them back onto the nuts. Once you place them into a glass display with some pinecones, you'll see how cool these apothecaries truly look.

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Adorable Squirrel Acorn Craft

Photo Credit:

Use natural materials including some scrap fur to make the cutest acorn crafts ever - mini squirrels! These are fun for kids, but they also look great in fall terrariums and on autumn mantels.

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Pretty Painted Acorns for a Fall Display

Learn how to paint acorns – they make the perfect budget fall craft! Pick your favorite colors for your painted acorns, then display.

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Acorn Top Squirrel Wall Art

Photo Credit:

Tina provides you with a squirrel printable so that you can also make this cute autumn wall art with acorn tops! It's so easy . . . all you do is glue. No crafting skills required.

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Cap Floating Candles

Photo Credit:

If you're looking for the easiest candles to make - EVER - try these acorn cap candles! All you have to do is melt wax and add a wick. You can make a bunch of these in minutes.

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Felted Acorn Garland

Photo Credit:

To make these garlands, you just need the cap part of the acorn! You're going to felt the bases in any colors you like. These make great decor for both Thanksgiving and Christmas (perfect for a tree!).

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Acorn Mason Jar Votives

Photo Credit: Linda Braden

Pottery Barn sold faux acorns for displays just like these - but you can gather materials for free in nature! Use recycled jars or dollar store finds and tealights. You can make several of these for cheap.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which these acorn crafts are your favorite in the comments!

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