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DIY Wooden Bead Star

This Christmas season seems to be just flying by! I feel like my to do list is a mile long, but I'm also trying to enjoy the little moments with my family. Today, I'm crossing off the tutorial for the wooden bead stars off my blogging to do list.
You may remember these beaded stars from my Christmas home tour. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They are fairly quick to make too. The smaller size would make a lovely ornament.
My Christmas mantel also features a couple of other wooden stars that I made. The large one is a star cut out of plywood which I painted and the small one by the picture frame is simply a string of beads on a wire that was bent into the shape of a star. Below you'll find the tutorial for the more intircate stars that are on the right side of the mantel.


1. Gather your materials: a) Wire with a gauge that corresponds to the size of your beads (you want the wire to be strong/stiff enough to support the weight of the beads)
b) 48 wooden beads

2. Take your wire and string on 5 beads leave a small length of wire on one end and the majority of the wire on the other end.

3. Take the first bead that you strung and make the first point of the star by twisting the two lengths of wire together to hold the bead in place.

4. Thread the short length of wire through the second bead as shown in the photo below.

5. String another two beads onto the short length of wire and push beads three and four from step 2 close to the other beads.

6. Thread the short length of wire through the fifth bead from step 2 in the same way as you did in step three. Twist the short and long lengths of wire together to create your first star point. (from this point on you will be working with the long length of wire)

*the how to continues after the photo below

7. To make your next tip, string on 6 beads to the long length of wire. Secure the top bead as you did in step 2 by twisting the wire at the base of the bead.
8. Insert the end of the wire back through the second bead.
9. String on two more beads to the wire.
10. & 11. Thread the wire end through the fifth bead that you strung on initially skipping over two beads.

12. Repeat steps 7-11 four more times. When you have made all six points of your star twist the short length of wire and whatever wire you have left from the long length of wire together a few times to close the star. Then cut the excess wire off. You can use a string/twine inserted through one of the tip beads to create a hanger.
There are a lot of steps to this how to and I hope the pictures will help. Let me know if you have any questions.

One last look at our mantel. I'm hoping that later this week we'll have a chance to go cut down our Christmas tree and really make our living room feel cozy for Christmas.
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