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    1. I'm friends with this guy from school. We hang out every once in a while but when we do we have a really good time. We get into deep talks and tell each other everything. We have a lot of fun. And we end up sleeping together at the end of it all. I'm just so confused with how we can be that close one day then I don't hear from him for a while. Do you think anything will ever come from this or am I to caught up in a fantasy world hoping he'd like me and one day ask me out or something?
    2. Sara, 1. you rule 2. I'm looking for a men's leather jacket for about $600-800. I was set on buying it from All Saints but I'm not crazy about any of them. Somewhere between the All Saints Hudson (I like the flaps but it's too busy) and the All Saints Bomber (Love it but kinda want the Hudson flaps on it). Any suggestions?
    3. How do you cope with your gigantic calfs?
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    1. Anyone paying attention to this?
    2. Janice Dickinson?
    3. so..