Not here to please you

My name's Libertad, and I'm a psychologist, amateur photographer and coolhunter from Algeciras, a small town in the south of Spain. Following my dreams, about almost four years ago I moved to Barcelona for studying a coolhunting postgrade, in wich I had the best degrees. Last year I joined the Spanish R-Evolution here at Barcelona and actually I'm one of the community managers of Acampadabcn; working with their Twitter and Facebook account and fighting for our future. Now I'm still looking for my dreams, thinking about where I can go and find my destiny, fighting for a better world. I started Not Here to Please You some years ago as a place where I could express my opinions, feelings and thinkings about the world where I live, and I want you to express your opinions here too. Feel free to say whatever you want! Thanks for spending some time and love around here!

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