DIY Marbled Espresso Cups & Saucers

Update old cups and saucers with this cute DIY, using just water and nail polish! It can be a bit tricky but you soon pick it up...

You Will Need:

  • plain cups, saucers etc.
  • nail polish
  • old bowl
  • warm water
  • cocktail stick/paint brush
  • plastic sheet
  • nail polish remover & cotton pads for clean ups

Step One
Pick out some nice colourful polishes and set them up. Fill an old bowl (one you don't mind getting dirty, you can use an old ice cream tub) with warm/hot water.

Step Two
Line up all your supplies so you have them to hand, you will need to place the plastic near the bowl so you can place your painted cups on the plastic to dry.

Step Three
Pour a couple of drops of nail polish in to the warm water, swirl for effect with the cocktail stick and then dunk your cup in to the water, sort of swirling it through the nail polish.
Once you're happy, place the cup on the plastic sheet to dry.

Step Four
Continue doing this until you have done all the cups and saucers. Sometimes the nail polish sits on the surface so be prepared to skim it off and replace the water so it's warm once more. If you're not happy with the pattern after you've placed the cup in the water, quickly wipe it off with a wet cloth or a cotton pad and polish remover and start all over again.
It may take a few attempts to get it perfect, but it will be worth it!

You can tidy up the pattern with a bit more polish remover on a cotton pad or even a small makeup brush, and then just leave them to dry overnight.
These will wash fine by hand, it's best to avoid placing them in a dishwasher, however.

Will you be making these?

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