Penguin Cake Toppers DIY

Did you know January 20th is National Penguin Day? Who knew?! Celebrate it with these paper penguin cake toppers – each with a different color honeycomb belly peeking out. A party hat atop each one completes their party attire. PS: What’s black and white and goes around and around? A penguin in a revolving door! (PS – Remember these??)

Materials needed: black cardstock, penguin template, different colored honeycomb pads, scissors, ruler, cake pop sticks, colored cardstock, double stick tape, hot glue gun, mini pom poms, craft glue.

Step 1: Print out the penguin template. Cut out penguin back and wings, and belly.
Step 2: Trace the back and wings onto a 2” x 4” piece of folded black cardstock. The straight edge of the back should be where the paper is folded. Cut out.
Step 3: Trace the belly template onto a colored piece of honeycomb paper. Be sure to use the short edge of the honeycomb paper as the back of the belly.
Step 4: Insert the honeycomb belly into the back and wings. Using double stick tape, attach the honeycomb to the cardstock.
Step 5: Cut out a 1” x 1” paper triangle for a party hat. Attach with double stick tape.
Step 6: With a tiny dab of craft glue, attach a mini pom pom to the top of the hat.
Step 7: Apply a dab of hot glue to the inside bottom of the penguin, where the honeycomb meets the cardstock.
Step 8: Insert a cake topper, holding til the hot glue sets.
Step 9: Gently open the wings to fluff out the honeycomb paper.

Photography by Tim Gibson

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