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fashionandpopculturemagic.blogspot.com · Apr 6, 2014

Kit Harington is magic

What prompted this obvious statement you ask? Well, Game of Thronesseason 4 premiere is actually today (April 6th) but I been waiting long time so, in between, I went to see Pompeii in an effort to deal with my Jon Snow withdrawal.
The Starks and their wolfs!
Kit Harington being all hot and adorable! #thatface

I used to go to the movies quite often, but not so much lately! The fact that I work 12 hours a day might have something to do with it. But I made this new deal with a few of my friends that we have to go to the cinema at least once a week (already broken the deal twice, but here’s to hope).
Coming back to Pompeii, I had an amazing time. I can’t say I was too impressed with the movie, it’s not mind-blowing or anything but, boy, oh boy, was I impressed by Kit Harington's abs! If you are a Game of Thrones fan and especially a John Snow fan, you have to go see this movie. Kit and his six packs were epic.

Get it?! It's funny on so may levels! Kit Harington was actually dating Rose Leslie (the actress that embodies Ygritte in Game of Thrones) in real life, but they broke up and he's apparently single right now.
Great visual from Pompeii!

All that I understood from the entire movie was that (SPOILER ALERT!) everyone died (which sucked, but hey, the movie is called Pompeii and we all know what happened there). Fortunately, I was too distracted by Kit and automatically went into a daydream spiral where he was my boyfriend and got over it pretty fast. I’m almost sure most of the girls in the audience had the same reaction, nothing special with me! I’m not even ashamed, that’s how hot he was in this movie!
If I think about it, I was actually a victim, subjected to that whole display of hot bodies in leather menskirts! What is a girl to do in such a situation? Also I blame Milo (aka Kit) for making that volcano erupt! Just think about it for a second - until he came to town it was all good, people were chilling, then he got into the arena, let all that steamy hotness out in the open and crazy things started to happen!

I knew I was onto something wonderful when I got my eyes on Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, but how was I to know he has all of that hidden under his winter gear. Winter be damned! At least if winter is coming, let Jon Snow be my blanket!
The writers of Game of Throneshave to pick up the pace and send John into the desert and get him shirtless ASAP. That would just throw Game of Thrones into a whole new league! The thing is, I read all the books (well, those published until now) in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga and I know that’s not going to happen, but there’s still hope, since we all know how partial to nudity HBO is!:))))

I wouldn't mind, Jon Snow! I love traveling!:)))

I need all of these Game of Thrones dolls! I've never seen anything more adorable in my life.
Photos, : 1, 2, collages made by Sara
Any Kit, Jon Snow or Game of Thrones fans outhere?
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