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Hey, guys! I’m Sophie, I’m 16, and I love R5. On this blog, I post cool facts about R5, and I reblog R5 and Austin & Ally stuff too. If you know any R5 facts I could use, feel free to submit them in my ask and I will give you credit! Also, if you want to submit anything else (i.e. a nail design, photo edit, poster, etc.) then you can do that on my submit page! Make sure you say your username in the description so you can get credit! So yeah, that’s about it. Love ya! **Also, if you notice that I have used one of your pictures and didn’t give you credit, most of my pictures come from random ones I’ve saved on my phone, so please tell me if I didn’t give you credit and I will. So yeah. :) Blogging since 7/9/12

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