Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational

Aside from my obsession with new recipes and saving money, my whole goal in life is to trick my kindergartener into thinking learning is fun. His teachers have mastered the art of deception. I … on the other hand … well, I’m working on it. Here’s the proof.

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    What the Teacher Wants!

    1. #teacherweek15 is HERE!
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    3. Organizing for a Substitute {Sub Tub}
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    Clutter-Free Classroom

    1. Save Time and Money With a Personal Laminator {Deals for Teachers, Classroom Organization}
    2. Teacher Recharge Challenge Week 7 {Time Saving Tips for Teachers, Reduce Stress, Get Organized, Prepare for the New Year}
    3. 3.NBT.1 - BOOKS