Silhouette · Apr 6, 2016

Stamping with the Mint on Fabric

Hello everyone! Emily here, to share a tutorial with you on stamping with your Silhouette Mint™ on fabric.

I’ve been wanting to try this out since I first cracked open the box with my Mint! I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about how it would work on fabric but I am so pleased with the results. And now I have some adorable napkins/decorative kitchen towels perfect for spring and summer!

You Will Need:

  • Silhouette Mint™ custom stamp maker
  • (1) 45 mm x 45 mm Mint stamp kit
  • (2) 45 mm x 90 mm Mint stamp kits
  • Mint ink in black, yellow, and green
  • White cotton napkins
  • Lemon to Lemonade design (ID # 71587)
  • Lemons design (ID # 80586)


(1) Start by opening Design 71587 Silhouette Studio™.

(2) Ungroup the design by clicking Object in the top toolbar, and clicking Ungroup in the drop-down menu.

(3) Delete the text in the second lemon “when life hands you lemons make lemonade”, leaving the “you are my main squeeze”, both lemon shapes, and leaves.

(4) Delete the lemon outline from the “you are my main squeeze” text. Your design should now look like this:

(5) Change the line color and fill color to black.

(6) Save it as a STUDIO file, so that once in Mint Studio™ you can go to “File>Open” and navigate to where you saved it.

Open Design ID # 80586 and follow the same steps as explained above to ungroup the design.


(1) Select 45 mm x 90 mm as your stamp size in the stamp settings panel.

(2) Open your edited STUDIO file in Mint Studio™.

(3) Rotate and re-size the design to fit the first shape within the parameters of the stamp. Leave the solid lemon to the side as you will make that into a separate stamp.


(1) Open the Send to Mint tab and start your Mint.

(2) Insert the 45 mm x 90 mm stamp sheet into the Mint.

(3) Remove the black stamp piece from the cardboard casing once your stamp sheet has run through the Mint and exits the other end.

(4) Remove the adhesive from your stamp grip and apply your new black stamp piece.

Repeat the same process for all stamps you’re minting. Once they’ve been minted and attached to the stamp base, you’re ready to ink up!


(1) Apply ink to all 3 of the stamps.

I used yellow on the solid lemon and lemon slice. I used black for the text and green for the leaves. Let the ink soak into the stamp for at least 5 minutes (the longer you let it soak in the better).

(2) Stamp off the excess ink onto a scrap piece of paper.

Once you have stamped off all of the excess ink and have a clean stamped image, you can stamp the label for your stamp lid like I did below. The labels come with the stamp sheets. How cool is that?


(1) Stamp directly on the fabric. Make sure to apply even pressure on the stamp.

I stamped the solid yellow lemon first. After a couple of minutes, I applied the text and leaves stamp on top. I then used the lemon slice stamp to fill in the pattern on the fabric as I liked.

Now you have adorable napkins / decorative kitchen towels to brighten up your kitchen! I even test-washed a piece of the stamped fabric (hand washed with cold water and mild soap). The ink stayed with no bleeding!

I hope you are as pleased with this sweet final product as I was!

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