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MY STYLE ICONS - movies/tv shows (part 2)

Hello everyone! I'm so excited for today's post!

I have so many style icons; there are just SO many different characters from movies or onTV with fantastic style. (Of course, this is due to the show's stylist so we ought to all give them a round of applause).
You could plop me down in front of ANY tv show or movie and I'd probably be able to find some character with iconic fashion taste (except for thirteen reasons why, I hate that show).

I did do an older version of this post a couple years ago so I'll link it here if you wanna check it out :)


I had to start with THE #1 style icon of almost all time. Clueless is one of my favorite movies, and it's mostly because of all Cher's fabulous outfits (and her quippy dialogue too).
She manages to portray a "classy valley girl" version of the 90's styles we all know and love (plaid skirts anyone?)
I've gotten compliments from people saying my outfits are "clueless like" when I wear mini skirts or knee socks.

CHERYL BLOSSOM - The CW's Riverdale

The whole fam looking like they stepped out of a POLO Ralph Lauren catalog.

Of course, I HAD to include my favorite redhead. I think part of what makes Cheryl's fashion sense so iconic to me is that she only wears outfits that embrace and highlight her red hair. She incorporates her red hair as part of the outfit because she knows what colors make it pop (RED!)
She manages to be fierce without losing a shred of femininity.


I wouldn't call Morgana my daily fashion icon, because her outfits are medieval gowns-BUT her sense of style is absolutely breathtaking. She manages to wear everything with poise and grace and she makes me wish I was a lady in the medieval times. I wish they sold her outfits as costumes online, like PLEASE!

ELLE WOODS - Legally Blonde

the iconic "bennnddd and SNAP" scene
Whenever I think of "pink" and "fashion icon", I think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde! Her pink outfits are ICONIC and the fact that she wore them while attending Harvard (proving almost everyone wrong) makes them 100x better.

NATASHA ROSTOVA - War and Peace (1956)

I had to include one of Audrey Hepburn's characters as she's a fashion icon herself. I loved Natasha's gowns because Audrey pulled them off with such grace and they really added to her character in War and Peace. I really wish I could own her little yellow dress she has on in the beginning :)


I was a little bit hesitant to add Ronnie onto this list because her fashion sense is HIGHLY unrealistic. I mean, what 16 year old girl wears a cocktail dress and stilettos to high school? However, I do love some of her outfits now and then, and you've got to admit, she always looks amazing in them.

Who is your style icon from a movie/tv show?
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