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    1. Dear Steak, sorry 2b cliche but need objective advice. 25, been w/ my 1st BF for 4 yrs & for the last year off&on feeling disenchanted. Also can't stop thinking about 1 of his/our friends, tho that's a symptom, not the problem, bc it's just never felt totally right w/ him. He is a GREAT guy & loves me a lot, but always felt like he was holding something back, & slowly the spark has gone out 4 me. Being w/ him feels like being alone. We feel like am/fm but I'm terrified of leaving & regretting it
    2. How would you feel if ur dude used to be kinda a man whore. I've only ever slept w one guy(my dude) and he in the past has slept with over 16 girls. Idk how to take it. Im his longest relationship and he wants something serious w me so I try not to care about it, but it's hard knowing that every girl who likes his shit on fb or Instagram he probably slept with or tried to sleep with. How do I make peace with this
    3. okay, but what should face-hater DO now? u said b4 about nose-hater, either pay 4 doc to cut into nose or learn to love nose, HOW does one learn to love what one physically hates? like, what are the actual first steps? if you don't know how that's fine, i tots get ur way more into just physically changing something you don't like about yourself, that is fine! do u bb xo. but these half answers are mad irritating lol.