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Free pattern: Lua for dolls (+ fabric GIVE-AWAY)

When I launched the Lua sleep sack pattern about a year ago, the idea was to add a pattern for a baby doll sleep sack a few weeks later. Well, that obviously didn’t happen. Many other projects came in between, and the almost finished pattern was gathering dust somewhere on my computer. When Art Gallery Fabrics launched their beautiful Hello, Bear line (designed by Bonnie Christine) I finally found the motivation to finish it.

And, instead of adding it to the Lua pattern which is sold in my shop, I am launching it as a free pattern today. The Lua sleepsack for dolls is a great addition when you are using the big Lua as a birth gift, but also if you are not into making birth gifts, it is a fun gift on its own.

To celebrate the launch of the free doll’s sleepsack, I’m offering a 20% discount on the baby Lua (English or Dutch version). The code Lua20off expires May 31.

It is easy and quick to make, has a few different options, and is – judging by my own girls’ enthusiasm – really fun to play with! Norah has never played with dolls (she loves cars and drawing) but that changed abruptly since I made the sleep sacks. Ava also likes the sleep sacks, but she has always loved playing with dolls. She loves cuddling them, putting them in their bassinets and giving a goodnight kiss, lovingly smashing their heads on the floor. So endearing!

The give-away

If you scroll down, you’ll find the instructions and a link to the pdf pattern. But first, I have a fun give-away for you. I bought the Hello Bear fabrics over at my sponsor Bellelien, who is generously giving away a €30 voucher, to be spent entirely on Art Gallery fabrics. Check out some of the beauties in her shop (including Wanderer!):

Customers of Bellelien know Kathleen for her impeccable and fast service, and for the gorgeous wrappings she puts around her fabrics (see this pic on my Instagram).

You can take your chance via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

Enter the giveaway here

Tutorial and free pattern: Lua sleepsack for dolls

Options, options, options

The Lua for dolls has the following options:

1. With or without piping in the front: if you would like to leave out the piping detail, just use the front lining pattern for the main front.

Warning: attaching the piping is easy in the baby’s Lua, but more difficult in the doll’s Lua because there is a lot of curve in a small space. Beginning seamstresses might want to leave out the piping.

2. Closure on the right side: for my own doll’s Lua’s, I used two straps in one version, and a button-and-loop in another version. But you can also use a hidden zipper (use the instructions in the baby Lua pattern), or perhaps a little hook-and-eye, or a little patch with Velcro, …


– main: 1/2 yard or meter of light- or midweight woven fabrics
– lining: 1/2 yard or meter of light- or midweight woven fabrics
– batting: 1/2 yard or meter
– 2 buttons no larger than 2 cm for the shoulder straps
– closure: depending on how you would like to close the sleep sack on the right side (see previous section), you’ll need a hidden zipper, or a small button, or straps, or a piece of velcro, …

The pattern

You can download the 6-page pdf pattern here. Seam allowances are included. Make sure to print at 100%, and use the test square on page one to check if you printed accurately. Assemble the pattern as follows:


Seam allowance included is 1 cm (3/8″) unless indicated otherwise. Key to the illustrations:

If you are making the sleep sack without piping detail, skip step 1-3.

1. Pin the piping onto the curved edge of the top part of the main front, on the right side, lining up the raw edge of the piping with the curved edge of the front piece. Stitch with a 3/8″ (1 cm) seam allowance, using your zipper foot or a special cording foot if you have one. Clipping the raw edge of the piping before you start stitching makes it easier to follow the curves.

2. Pin the top part onto the bottom part of the main front, with right sides together, carefully aligning the curved edges. Sew on top of the stitches you made in step 1, still using your zipper or cording foot. Check whether the piping looks perfect in the front – if the stitches on the piping are visible there, you will need to stitch a bit closer to the cording (with no need to undo the previous stitches).

3. Press the seam allowance upwards, and press around the piping so everything looks nice and neat.

4. On top of the batting, put the main front lining with the right side up. On top of that, place the front lining, with the right side down.

5. Pin the arm holes, shoulders, and neck line together, and stitch them together. Trim the seam allowance to about half its current width. Turn right side out.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the pieces of the back.

7. Attach the closure which will be on the right hand side of the sleep sack. For both options below, you have to attach it to the right (‘good’) side of the fabric:
– If you are using straps, stitch one strap on top of the main front, near the underarm edge, and one strap on top of the main back, also near the under arm edge.
– If you use a loop and button, stitch the loop on top of either the main front (if you would like the button to be on the back) or the back front (if you would like the button to be on the front).

Keep in mind that on the front piece, you will be stitching the closure to the right hand side, while for the back piece, you’ll have to stitch it to the left hand side when the fabric is turned with the right side up.

8. Turn the shoulder straps wrong side out again. Put the main front and the front lining with right sides together on top of the batting. Stitch the first 10 cm of the right edge. Repeat for the main back and back lining, but stitch on te left edge here. Turn the straps right side out again, and press them.

10. Pin the main front and main back of the sack with right sides together. Stitch all the way from the underarm to the end of the line you stitched in step 9. Clip the curved edges of the seam allowance.

11. Repeat step 10 for the lining batting: Pin with right sides together and stitch all the way from the underarm to the end of the line you stitched in step 10. Leave a turning hole at the bottom.

12. Make the button holes in the front straps (see markings on the pattern) and stitch the buttons on the back straps (ditto). If you went for a button and loop closure, also stitch the button on the side.

Your sleep sack is ready!

The link party

Would you like to inspire other with your Lua for dolls? Add your picture to the permanent link party below! If you share your creation on social media, consider tagging it with #luafordolls.

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