what to pack for a 10 day road trip

We’re getting so excited about our road trip from Austin to Seattle! While we’ll have all our belongings with us in the car, my clothes will be in a vacuum sealed bag and I won’t be able to get to them. So I’ve been carefully planning out the clothes I want with me. Here’s what I’m planning to pack:


Crop Tee / Grey Tank / White Tee / Sweatshirt

Jean Jacket / Cape Cardigan / Dark Grey Denim / Denim Shorts

Easy Skirt (similar) / Converse / Birkenstocks / Chelsea Boots (similar for less)

Backpack / Sunnies / Bracelets (solid or cutout) / Necklace / Scarf

Our road trip agenda isn’t fancy — just a few fun stops with plenty of exploring. I’m mostly concerned about being comfortable in the car, but I wanted to include a few pieces that I could spruce up for a fun date night — like the easy skirt and necklace.

So far, I’ve made about 15 outfits from these pieces, so I feel like it’s the right amount of clothes. We’ll be traveling through multiple climates, so I’ve got plenty of layering options, like a sweatshirt, scarf, jean jacket, and cape cardigan.

All in all, I’m packing four tops, three bottoms, three shoes, and two jackets, plus a few accessories.

Crop Tee: Even though it’s a pretty basic tee, to me it feels like a statement piece because of the crop cut and the stripe. This tee dark grey denim Birks sunnies = one really comfortable outfit that looks right on.

Grey Tank: It’s an unassuming basic that’ll be great for long stretches in the car, but I also plan to pair it with my easy skirt and jean jacket for a cute date look.

White Tee: It’s so plain, but I always feel fresh and confident a white tee. Planning to pair it with denim shorts and Birkenstocks for hot afternoons.

Sweatshirt: I can throw this sweatshirt over any of my tops to ward off a chill at night or when we’re up north. Bonus: I can fit it underneath my jean jacket or cape cardigan for an extra layer of warmth.

Jean Jacket: Ever since I got my unicorn jacket, I’ve never left town without it. It’ll look great thrown over any of my tops, and it’ll add a little more style to the look.

Cape Cardigan: As much as I love my jean jacket, this will be a great option for those times when I just need a soft, comfortable, warm layer. You know, those times when I basically need to wear a blanket.

Dark Grey Denim: Lately we’ve been taking a few little trips around Texas to say goodbye to family, and my dark grey denim ends up in my bag every time. Like my white tee, I just feel confident fresh in ‘em.

Denim Shorts: These shorts are so comfortable and they’ll be great for long days in the car. I can pair them with converse, my grey tank, and my blue scarf.

Easy Skirt: This skirt isn’t in my current capsule. I pulled it from my summer 2014 capsule because I knew a feminine skirt would be nice to have on a long road trip. It’ll be great to dress up a bit, of course. But it’ll be a winner for car rides too, since it’s just as comfortable as sweatpants.

Converse Birkenstocks: Comfortable shoes for any exploring we may do along the way.

Chelsea Boots: Perfect for cooler weather or rain.

Backpack: This was a birthday present from my awesome mom, and it’ll be perfect for any day excursions we do during the day. I can stick an extra layer, some snacks, and my tiny purse inside.

Sunnies: A necessity.

Bracelet Necklace: Great little accessories to spruce up an outfit.

Scarf: If I’m chilly, I can toss this on over any top or jacket in my bag. And if I wake up one morning and decide I need a little color or pattern to my outfit, well, this scarf takes care of it.

Here are a few other things I’m taking that aren’t in the picture:

Toiletry bag: I have to admit, while my makeup bag is minimal, my toiletry bag definitely isn’t. I’m big on a nightly routine, because it helps cue my brain that it’s almost time to sleep, so I bring along just about everything I use at home. I like this particular toiletry bag because it keeps everything organized.

Travel steamer: In the past, I probably would have though it too high maintenance to pack a steamer, but after recently getting one, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Not only is it going to keep my clothes wrinkle free, it’s also great for a quick sterilization to keep my clothes feeling fresh on the road. I don’t know why I always scoffed at steamers before — I think I thought they were going to be super expensive and bulky, but this one’s the size of a travel coffee mug and it’s $29.

Yoga pants athletic shoes a swimsuit: For any active adventuring we stumble into.

Been on a road trip lately? Got any tips for us?

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