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The Love Detective : Next Level by Angela Dyson

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Note to self: Do not screw this up. When Clarry Pennhaligan, rookie private detective and unlikely heroine, takes on her second case, she is determined to master the art of smart. All she has been asked to do is to infiltrate a group of women who share a rather unusual way of spending their spare time. Shouldn’t be too demanding, she thinks, nothing to it. But, after her first clumsy steps reveal secrets that may best be kept hidden, her investigation gains momentum and events take a bizarre and sinister turn. Out of her depth and working above her paygrade, Clarry soon faces a very real danger. Things just got Next Level.

My Thoughts

Clarry Pennhaligan is a very good waitress who decides to extent her horizon and become a private investigator. This will not be her first case, but possibly the most weirdest one! She will have to investigate the “secret” life of the daughter (Vanessa) of her client, that is scared that Vanessa could have entered to a cult and is not interested in dating the “perfect” man her mother has decided for her. But of course everything will not be so easy and Clarry will start seeing something grey in the mysterious cult. She will have to be careful if she wants to survive this case!
This is a cozy mystery, full of charming characters and a sleuth detective that will have to discover a deadly secret… but luckily for Clarry, she will have the help of some interesting characters, specially her friend Flan, a 70 year old woman that has more energy alone that my little son! Both of them will make a quite interesting tandem and I am sure that they’ll put a few smiles to any reader’s face!
The case is interesting and original, since the beginning the reader can feel that something is not right in the cult, but the question is what they want and who is in charge!
There will be a little bit of love too, I don’t know if their relation will last, but they make a cute couple… I hope we’ll know more about them in the next stories!
This is the second book of the series “The Love Detective” but you can read it as standalone, the characters are well explained and the relations between them seem to grow with the book, so I felt totally connected with them and the story. This had been a fun and quick read, perfect for these days that I had to stay in bed, it made my days much more funny and interesting!
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About The Author

Hi, I’m Angela Dyson, my debut novel, The Love Detective was let loose upon the world on the 28th September 2018. The sequel, Next Level, was out on 28th September 2019. I’m so delighted it now has a life of its own!
I’m excited for you to meet my heroine, Clarry Pennhaligan, a girl who’s low on ambition but high on energy. Things get interesting when she discovers an unexpected flair for poking her nose in to other people’s business. Who knew that embarking on a career as a private detective could be so all-absorbing? Or so dangerous.

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