The Vegan Pact · Nov 11, 2017

Qrunch Organics Burgers

Everyone is constantly asking me about my favorite veggie burgers. And people are usually shocked to find out that I almost never make them at home or buy store bought ones (other than Beyond Meat ones, of course).

If you’re vegan, you know the disappointment many veggie burgers can bring. Like when you go to a “normal” restaurant and the only vegan option is some sad, mushy, bean-based veggie burger or some dreadful, microwaved frozen veggie patty. I’ve had enough of those less-than-appetizing moments, which had almost completely turned me off from veggie burgers for good.

But I am also one to give second chances. And third. And fourths.

And that’s why I couldn’t resist trying out some of the now-local-to-me soy-free, gluten-free, vegan Qrunch Organics burgers.

Their list of minimal and quality ingredients had me intrigued for health reasons, but of course, I was still slightly skeptical of how they were going to taste. Their burger flavors vary from the original quinoa, to spicy Italian to saucy buffalo. I’ve been lacking in Mexican food options here in Boulder, so I went right for their green chili version. They also offer sweet, breakfast patty options, too, though sadly I haven;t seen them around here yet. Let me know if you see them somewhere, please!

Anyways, their burgers are composed mainly of ALL organic millet, quinoa, beans, spices and veggies, depending on their flavor. They’re ridiculously easy to make, in just a few minutes in a skillet. They’ve got a surprising amount of crunch to them, and were loaded with flavor. They weren’t mushy or soggy like many of the crappy burgers I’ve had, and stayed fully intact, whether in a sandwich or atop a salad.

My favorite ways to eat them? I first pair them with an avocado, tomato and cilantro Chao cheese grilled cheese and enjoyed it with my Thai soup, and it was so, so, so, SO good! The chiles worked nicely with the sandwich and the heat from the soup.

I also stuffed them into a cashew cheese quesadilla with chipotles, black beans and cilantro, and it might have been the best quesadilla I’ve ever made at home. Very filling, high in protein and with just the right amount of spiciness.

If you’re sick of the same terrible, bland veggies burgers and are looking for a super healthy option, I highly recommend Qrunch!

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